MATH35012, Wave Motion

Revision before you begin

As with most level 3/4 applied courses, this material makes heavy use of vector calculus, linear PDEs and methods for ODEs. Before starting this course you might wish to review:
Some very basic things that should be trivial at this level.
You do not need to have done any 'fluid mechanics' courses before.

Problem sheets

Material will be posted here as the course progresses.

These questions are optional, and a little harder.


Coursework will be made available here during the semester.

Coursework is due by Wednesday March 26th (week 9). It is worth 20 percent of the final mark.

Results of the coursework test are available as a text file below. The marks are out of 20, and ordered by student ID number. Feedback will be given in the support classes.

Solution sheets

Solutions to example sheets will be posted here as the course progresses.

Lecture material

Lecture material will be made available here as the course progresses.

Other support material/animations:

Getting help with this course

Feel free to ask about any material during the weekly problems class. If you cannot resolve your problem in this way, feel free to discuss it with me at the end of a lecture, email me for an appointment, or come along to my office hour during the semester.

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